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James Miscoll, former Vice Chairman of Bank of America

Mr. Miscoll began his banking career in 1962 with Bank of America in San Francisco, where during the course of his career he handled a range of domestic and international executive management assignments for the bank. He held many positions there, including: Head of Continental Europe Division, Head of Corporate Account Division, Head of Asia/India/Australia/New Zealand Division, Head of Global Retail Bank Operations and Executive Officer of Southern California operations. In addition to serving as Chairman of the Board, he has been a Director of Bank of America subsidiaries in the U.S., Germany and other European countries and throughout Asia. Mr. Miscoll also served as a Chairman of the Bank America Foundation, Director of the Social Policy Committee and remains a Director of the Board of Trustees of the Bank America Giannini Foundation. He currently serves as a member of the Board of Directors for numerous public and private companies, including American International Group, Inc., 21st Century Industries, U.S. Foodservice, Inc., MK Gold Company, and Westinghouse Air Brake Company. Prior to joining Bank of America, Miscoll served as an officer for the U.S. Navy for five years. Mr. Miscoll is a graduate of Marquette University (B.A.), University of Wisconsin (M.A.), Northern University Advanced Management Program and Harvard University Advanced Management Program.

Darren Marcou, former Vice President and Treasurer of Offshore Funds, Goldman Sachs Asset Management

During his tenure at Goldman Sachs, Mr. Marcou was co-leader of Goldman Sachs Asset Management's (GSAM) $10 billion offshore funds business with specific responsibility for infrastructure areas within GSAM. He was also responsible for domicile selection, fund selection, and hiring and overseeing fund service providers. Mr. Marcou has extensive experience with funds domiciled/registered in Luxembourg, Australia, Cayman Islands, Germany, Ireland, Hong Kong, United Kingdom and Japan. In Japan, he spent 6 months advising Goldman Sachs Japan on the development of its mutual funds business and establishing operational and administrative procedures. From 1988-1994, Mr. Marcou was with State Street Bank & Trust Co, the last 5 years of which were spent in a leadership role helping to set up their Luxembourg office to service offshore investment funds. Mr. Marcou holds a B.S. from University of New Hampshire and an M.B.A. from Fordham University.

Irvine Laidlaw, Founder and Chairman, Institute for International Research Ltd.

Mr. Laidlaw founded the Institute for International Research Ltd. (IIR), the world's largest conference company with 4,000 employees and operations in 35 countries. They create and run thousands of conferences every year, including many large-scale association type events. IIR is also one of the world leaders in the provision of corporate training, with particular emphasis on IT, telecoms, project management, sales and financial skills training. They are heavily involved in e-learning, with all divisions offering their training through Internet models. IIR has divisions in trade exhibitions, running major trade shows in the US, UK, Middle and Far East. They also have B2B publishing interests in the UK and USA. Previous to founding IIR in 1974, Mr. Laidlaw worked for Doubleday in both New York and London. He has lived in the US, Hong Kong, Singapore, The Netherlands, France and the UK. Mr. Laidlaw has extensive experience in international operations, and particularly in international direct marketing. He has degrees from Leeds University, England and an M.B.A. from Columbia University, New York.

Nancy Neumann, Vice President of Baccarat, Inc.

Ms. Neumann has held numerous positions in luxury goods marketing companies targeting high net worth individuals around the world. She has extensive experience in the areas of brand positioning, target audience strategy and direct response database marketing as both a seasoned practitioner in and consultant to many luxury goods firms (such as Steuben and Cartier). Prior to Baccarat, Ms. Neumann was Vice President of Sales & Marketing for both F. Schumacher & Co. and Steuben, a division of Corning Incorporated. She also served as Chief Executive Officer of Brielle Galleries, where she introduced Brielle's online gift portal, enabling corporations to purchase luxury corporate gifts over the Internet. Ms. Neumann holds board level positions with the Martha Graham Guild and the YWCA of New York. She graduated from Miami University with a B.A. in Marketing.

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