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PRESS NEWS -Wall Street Offshore Presented Quality Award for Online Excellence at UK Internet World 2000

Becomes first Company in North America to receive Clicksure's Quality Certification - beating out Fortune 500 companies.


NEW YORK, June 12, 2000- Wall Street Offshore, the leading Institutional Fund Supermarket and financial service provider to mid-sized Financial Institutions outside the United States, is pleased to announce that they have earned Clicksure''s Certification. Wall Street Global became the first company in North America to be awarded Clicksure''s certification for online quality.

Following a thorough assessment of every aspect of their online and offline e-commerce practices, Wall Street Offshore demonstrated that they meet Clicksure''s standard for best business practices.

Upon completion of the certification process, Wall Street Offshore was invited to a Clicksure awards ceremony at UK Internet World 2000. Todd Everts, CEO, added "If an international company such as Clicksure has deemed our business operations to be credible and trustworthy, we hope our clients will feel more confident about our services as well."

Steve Delcarson, President and COO of Clicksure, concurred, "Clicksure is proud to announce the issuance of the first North American certificate to Wall Street Offshore. Certification against the Quality Standard for Electronic Commerce means Wall Street has met a very strict set of principles covering a comprehensive array of quality issues regarding e-commerce. They are now poised to be a long-term player in e-commerce and will consistently meet the changing demands of trading online while they are in compliance with the Quality Standard. "

The Clicksure program has been developed to comply with ISO/IEC Guide 62 - the requirements prepared by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) for bodies operating assessment and certification/registration of Quality systems.

Christopher Upton, CEO of Clicksure, comments: "We are delighted that Wall Street Offshore has gained certification - and is the first US company to do so. This demonstrates the importance of the Clicksure standard for financial institutions - creating a high level of trust and developing long term business relationships with their customers is essential. When large volumes of investment money is involved, ensuring all their internal processes are right first time is critical."

Clicksure is the world''s premiere Quality Assurance Certification Program for e-commerce. It is through the "Quality Standard for e-commerce" that Clicksure certifies companies conducting business on the Web. This Quality Standard is overseen by an independent Advisory Council.


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