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PRESS NEWS -New Functionality Increases Traffic Dramatically

Wall Street Offshore Launches Online Application and Real-Time Transaction Functionality to Website


New York, 1 March, 2000 - Wall Street Global, an Institutional Fund Supermarket and financial service provider to global Financial Institutions, announced today that they have added 2 new features on their site, increasing user traffic and functionality on the site.

The online trading platform will enable Intermediaries and their clients to trade shares and funds through the web. The platform will offer access to 24-hour valuations, quarterly statements and the ability to switch between shares and funds online.

In addition, clients will now have the ability to complete user applications online. "These new features have simplied the process of purchasing equities dramatically," said CEO, Todd Everts. "Clients will no longer need to sort through numerous statements and deal with the difficulties of redeeeming and switching between funds. We are very pleased with the results, but more importantly, so are our clients."


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