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Overall privacy statement:

Your privacy on the Internet is of utmost importance to us. Because we gather certain types of information about the users of Wall Street Global's network of sites and services, we feel you should fully understand the terms and conditions surrounding the capture and use of that information. This privacy statement discloses what information we gather, how we use it, and how to correct or change it.

Because Wall Street Global wants to demonstrate our commitment to your privacy, we have agreed to disclose our information practices and have our privacy practices reviewed and audited for compliance.

If you have any questions about our private policy or practises, please email us at: ClientServices@WSGlobal.com. You may also contact us via telephone or fax. You will find this contact information on our "Contact Us" page which you can access from our home page.

1. Information WSGlobal.com gathers and tracks.

WSGlobal.com gathers two types of information about users:

  • Data that users provide through optional, voluntary registration on our site; and
  • Data that is voluntarily transmitted to Wall Street Global through aggregating tracking information derived mainly by tallying page views throughout our sites. Such information enables us to better tailor our content to readers' needs. Wall Street Global will never divulge personally identifiable information about an individual user to a third party except where we are required by federal and state laws.
    Your information is maintained in our Customer Service department. If you need to update, correct or change the information, please send an email to ClientServices@WSGlobal.com.

Wall Street Global will not provide specific user information to any third party company. Wall Street Global does not target advertising against specific user information.

Wall Street Global gathers user information in the following ways:

  • Optional registration through free voluntary registration to users. By registering, users can enter the sites without having to log on each time; and they can take advantage of personalization (the ability to select content according to a user-supplied profile). During registration the user is required to supply a username, password, and email address, and must answer mandatory survey questions about age, gender, income, zip code, country, employment status, and other employment information. During registration the user has the option of supplying a first name, last name, and password hint.
  • "Tell a Friend About This Site" feature. A reader can choose to electronically forward our site to someone else by clicking on a link in the sidebar of our home page. The user must provide their email address as well as that of the recipient. This information is used only in the case of transmission errors and, of course, to let the recipient know who sent the information. The information is not used for any other purpose.
  • Promotions. Wall Street Global occasionally offers promotions in which we request certain personal information. At a minimum, the required information includes name and email address of the user and user's friends. The information gathered in the entry form is used to verify the entrant's identity, to send the entrant an email notification that their entry has been received, and to contact winners and/or prize recipients. We do not use the name of the friend's voluntarily referred email address or name or other personal information without the express consent of that person. We email the referred person and request their consent to participate in our promotion. If we do not receive their consent, we do not use their name from the promotion. Wall Street Global does not divulge this information to any third party. Because the rules and terms of each promotion can vary, all information about each promotion is clearly posted during the event. All promotions and sweepstakes are conducted in full accordance with United States federal and state laws.
  • Usage tracking. Wall Street Global tracks user traffic patterns throughout all of our sites. Wall Street Global sometimes tracks and catalogs the search terms that users enter, but this tracking is never associated with individual users.
  • Cookies. Wall Street Global also uses a feature in your browser that allows us to set a "cookie" on your system. This allows us to measure and report the click through rate on e-mails delivered and them better determine future content. A cookie is a small data file that certain Web sites write to your hard drive when you visit them. A cookie file can contain information such as a user ID that the site uses to track the pages you've visited. But the only personal information a cookie can contain is information you supply yourself. A cookie cannot read data off your hard disk or read cookie files created by other sites. Wall Street Global uses cookies to track user traffic patterns (as described above), when you register as a Wall Street Global member, and when you click on the pages within our site.
  • Registration. When you register, Wall Street Global uses a cookie to store a unique, random user ID. We store your password in our database. We use this ID to identify you anonymously in our database and to track the pages you visit on our site. Cookies also enable you to enter Wall Street Global sites as a member without having to log on each time, and to visit member-restricted areas of the sites. We encrypt the user ID for added security. You cannot browse Wall Street Global's Web site if you have refused cookies by turning them off in your browser.

2. Use of Information.

Wall Street Global uses any information voluntarily given by our users to enhance their experience in our Web site, whether to provide interactive or personalized elements on the sites, or to better prepare future content based on the interests of our users.

We use tracking information to determine which areas of our sites users like and don't like based on traffic to those areas. Wall Street Global does not track what individual users read, but rather how well each page performs overall. This helps us continue to build a better service for you.

3. Sharing of Information.

Wall Street Global uses the above-described information to tailor our content to suit your needs and to better understand our audience's demographics. We do not share information about individual users with any third party.

4. Opt-out Policy.

Wall Street Global gives users options wherever necessary and practical. Such choices include:

  • Opting not to provide certain personal information when registering for a site or when participating in some promotions. (see our section on "Promotions" above).
  • Opting not to participate in certain interactive areas, which eliminates the need to supply personal information

5. Correct/update Policy.

The accuracy of your personal information is important to us. If you are a customer and have a concern about your personal or account information maintained at WSGlobal.com, or want to correct, update, or confirm your information, please send an e-mail to ClientServices@WSGlobal.com. We will update your information immediately and you will be able to verify the accuracy of the information by going to your account and clicking on "Account Detail." We will never use any information we know to be inaccurate.

6. Delete/deactivate Policy.

Wall Street Global offers users the ability to delete the information collected during registration for any site from our database. The instructions for doing this can be found in our Contact Us page. Users may delete this information at any time. Users who are experiencing problems or who have any questions about how our services work can contact us at ClientServices@WSGlobal.com.

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